Well, since I almost kind of updated last month (aka wrote something) on this space, maybe you dedicated readers deserve something more this month.  🙂

Halle turned one year old–in fact she is almost 15 months old.  Time flies.

Rachel is in preschool and is once again counting down the days until her birthday–about 45 if you want to know.  (That would be give or take a few because I’m not sure how accurate that is.)

Katie is in first grade and just finished up spring break…and I already miss her happy face and tender heart around here all day.  She told me that she was sad before recess today because she missed me.  (Ahhh…I love that kid.)

I got a new calling  in December.   I am the Primary Music Leader–which if you must know I really LOVE.  It helps if you don’t mind being a dork (a musical dork at that) in front of all those kids.  Although I do miss my RS peeps.  It’s a little more lonely without 3 hour meetings.

Scott has pretty much recovered fully from his accident nearly a year ago.  He will always have a few scars and now sports new fake teeth, but I’ll take it!  I’m so grateful it wasn’t worse.

And here’s a pic of the three kids (what!  They are all in a picture together!?!?! That never happens.  Ignore Halle’s crazy hair.)


5 thoughts on “Updates

  1. so good to see an update from your family! I can’t believe Halle is already 15 months. Crazy! Is Rachel going to kindergarten next year? Jason sure is excited for it. Thanks for the update!

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