Things I never knew

1.  How many people have had their jaws wired shut or knew someone who did have their jaw wired shut.

2.  How much I take for granted yawning, sneezing, smiling, talking, eating, sleeping.

3.  How much it hurts to watch someone I love go through so much pain.

4.  How much I LOVE serving my family and especially Scott.

5.  How hard it is to hear of  stories in similar accidents as Scott with miracle outcomes.

6.  How even though the accident wasn’t injury-free, there are little blessings in everything.

7.  How hard it is to tell your kids when they wake up on Rachel’s fourth birthday that their Daddy had been in an cycling accident and has a bunch of owies on his face.

8.  How much strength can be given through a single prayer.

9.  How many people care about us.

10.  How so very very very grateful I am that Scott’s injuries were not worse–that everything is able to heal albeit painfully–that he is not paralyzed or worse.