Three Most Important Tasks Today


For the last little while, I have been trying something new with Katie.  Each day, I have her tell me the three most important things she wants to do during the day.  I also write down three and if Rachel is there and seems to care, I have her tell me three things she wants to do as well.

This has been working well for both Katie and I.  I tend to focus too much on myself and what I need to get done.  I forget that Katie and Rachel have desires of things that they would like to accomplish as well.  And by limiting the “to-do” list to only three things, makes it feel manageable during one day.  We can usually get through Katie’s and my combined six items.  (If Rachel participates, her three things usually copy Katies.)

Katie’s list today:
1.  color
2.  play Wii
3.  help Mommy with pictures

Rachel’s list today:
1.  color
2.  go to Grandma’s store
3.  color my picture that I printed




My mother-in-law has been meeting with Katie 2-3 times a week for the past few months.  She volunteered to teach Katie how to read using a program she taught in elementary schools when she was in college.

Part of this particular program involves using letters, on individual index cards, to form nonsense words.  This way, the child doesn’t memorize the words and instead works on sounding out the letters.

At first, Katie struggled trying to blend the sounds together.  Sometimes she got the wrong sounds and sometimes she just had trouble putting them together,  “nnn-aaa-fff, fan.”  So Grandma would correct her and help her with the blending, “nnn-aaa-fff, naf.”

While Grandma and Katie practice reading together, Rachel and I, of course, have to be right at the same table.  Sometimes Rachel reads stories, sometimes she sits on my lap, and sometimes she asks for her set of index cards with letters on them and then quizzes me what each letter is just as Grandma quizzes Katie.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that while Katie is sounding out letters with Grandma, Rachel is, while seemingly not paying attention, picking up on quite a few new sounds and letters.  The other day, I heard her say,”mmm-aaa-mmm, mam.”  Now both her and Katie wander around the house repeating, “mmm-aaa-mmm, mam.”

I wouldn’t be surprised to see her pick up reading fairly fast seeing the introduction she has already had with Katie.

Where have I been?

Good question.  I get easily distracted sometimes.  I also decided to take a short break which stretched into two weeks.   I will be updating this blog regularly (hopefully!!) starting tomorrow.

Today I have errands to run…grocery store, Lowe’s…and then I am working on some projects.  So until tomorrow amigos…