Twenty Years in the Making

My sister tagged me a while ago and I am just getting around to doing the tag.

20 years ago: 1988
1. I turned 7 years old.
2. I finished first grade and started second grade.
3. I went to Valley View elementary school.
4. I met the love of my life…although at the time he had cooties and had a crush on the first grade teacher.
5. My first grade teacher made me stand in the corner during library time because I forgot my library book. I was so sad because library time was one of my favorite times of the week.

10 years ago: 1998
1. I was a junior in high school and then later started my senior year.
2. I played made the varsity basketball team my senior year.
3. I drove a 1984 Buick Skyhawk.
4. I was in the same Spanish class as my sister, Kristi. We still talk about the few things we learned from that class. “Donde esta la mochila?” “Beto Chavez es muy guapo.” “Mis brazos, mis brazos!”
5. Man, my memories of high school are pretty few.

5 years ago: 2002
1. I went to Paraguay on a service study abroad program with one other girl. We tried to teach people how to get jobs–but most of them were more interested in getting the certificate at the end of the class. It wasn’t terribly successful.
2. I came back and started hanging out with my future husband and his roommates…crazy bunch. 🙂
3. I was at BYU and continued studying Spanish Teaching.
4. I was living with some great roommates who convinced me to go dumpster diving with them.
5. I used to go up to Logan to pick up Kristi and bring her back to Provo with me for the weekend. And then on Sunday I used to drive her back. (Or was that 2001? Sorry I can’t really remember.)

3 years ago: 2005
1. I was a stay at home mom with my baby who isn’t my baby anymore. She tells me all the time that she is a big girl and gets to go to school when she’s five.
2. We went to Boulder, Colorado for an internship that Scott had. We lived in apartments near the University of Colorado. I think all the other occupants of the other apartments thought we were weird–married with a kid.
3. I found out we were expecting Rachel while Scott was camping with the Scouts for the weekend. Since I was a hormonal wreck, I cried that evening all by myself…well, Katie was there, but I don’t know that she was much comfort. 🙂
4. We lived in Scott’s grandpa’s basement while they were on a mission for our church.
5. Which was kitty-corner from Scott’s aunt and uncle. Katie loved Aunt Charlie. She would point to the door and lead us through the backyard and to their house so we could visit her everyday after her nap.

1 year ago: 2007
1. We moved into our first house!
2. We spent the summer digging huge amounts of rocks out of our yard.
3. Scott graduated from BYU with his masters.
4. I was called to three callings at one time…the most ever in my life and made up for one year that I didn’t have any callings.
5. We went to Utah and spent a night camping, went to Ikea and a BYU football game.

So far this year:
1. I spent a week at girls’ camp.
2. I have since been released from all my previous callings and am now only down to one calling.
3. I have been working on being a better mother, photographer, sewer, and runner.
4. I have been attending a boot camp twice a week and feel all the more stronger for it.
5. I have been trying to decorate my home…although its not easy deciding what I like. 🙂

1. I went to church.
2. We went to visit the grandparents.
3. I had a Relief Society meeting to go to.
4. I didn’t get a nap like I wanted. 🙂
5. I tried to figure out what I am going to teach next month in Relief Society…no inspiration yet. Any ideas would be appreciated.

1. I went running.
2. I helped Scott get off to high adventure with a bunch of the boys in the ward.
3. I got my nap! 🙂
4. I did some of the breakfast dishes.
5. I went visiting teaching.

1. I am planning on making some zucchini bread…using all the zucchini coming out our ears from the garden.
2. I am going to clean up my house…it needs it.
3. We are leaving for Canada on Saturday so I am sure that I will be trying to get things ready for that.
4. Maybe grocery shopping?? We’ll see if we can’t last another day without it.
5. I will be missing boot camp because Scott isn’t here to watch the kids and I don’t want to wake them up at 5:30 am to take them with me.

Next Year:
1. We will have grass completely in and probably purchase a swing set since Katie keeps reminding us that we promised her one as soon as the grass grows in.
2. Katie will probably be going to kindergarten…YIKES.
3. Maybe my house will be organized…probably not though. But here’s to hoping.
4. I will be a better mother!
5. Rachel will turn three.


Boot camp!

I am in the middle of a very intense “boot camp” done by a friend in the ward, Christina. She was a personal trainer and started this boot camp twice a week in the morning at a nearby park. And it is awesome. I have gotten way stronger and haven’t worked out this hard since at least college…but probably more like high school. One thing that I really like about it is that she uses exercise balls, bands, or park benches to do our workouts meaning that it is quite inexpensive to replicate the exercises at home. But lest you think you could do without an instructor…I have to plug the fact that Christina is great at correcting your form and telling you exactly which part of the body that particular exercise is working. I have been way impressed and I am hoping to scrape the money together to try it another time when it starts up in August again.

And if you aren’t in the area, you can keep up with her fitness blog here.


That’s what you all are going to be when you check my blog and see that I updated it! It’s been a while, I know, but we have been keeping really busy.

Starting almost two months ago, in May, I ran a 10k. I ran in just under an hour which was a pretty good time for me. I was proud to have accomplished one of my goals for the year. Scott, Katie, and Rachel came to cheer me on.

Then it was Rachel’s birthday. She turned two. I can’t believe it…where did the time go?

Here she is trying to show me how old she is. She couldn’t hold up her two fingers by herself, so we showed her how to hold up two fingers–one on each hand. Since then, she would ask me, “How do you do two?” So I would show her how to hold up two fingers while holding down the others with her thumb. And now she can do it all by herself!

Opening her presents.

Rachel in her party hat. “What a rockin’ party guys!”

Katie in her party hat. “Man, mom, this is the wildest party I’ve ever seen!”

Blowing out her candles.

So even though the girls’ pictures don’t show it, they had a really good time.  And so did I.  Birthdays and holidays are so fun with kids.  Scott’s sister told me about an idea of writing them a letter each year on their birthday and then giving them a copy of the letters later…like when they graduate from high school or get married or something.  So I started doing that with Rachel.

Now on to other things in this long post.

We have been working on our backyard since we moved into our house over a year ago and look at this:

There is grass growing!  Yay.  Hopefully that means that my kids and my house and my husband will start to be a little less dirty than they are when they go play out there now.  That picture is actually a little old.  The grass has filled in really well out there in the back and now we are trying to get it to grow better in the front…closer to the patio.

And another shocker…I actually got curtains on my back sliding glass door.  In the year that we have lived here, they have only been partially covered with a big piece of paper which was left here before we moved in.

And last comment without pictures because I forgot to take them.  I SURVIVED GIRLS’ CAMP.  Actually it wasn’t too hard to survive.  It was a lot of work to get everything up there, but once we were there, the girls really pitched in to prepare meals and they were so good about everything.  There was little to no complaining, back-biting, gossiping, etc.  It was awesome and they were a great group of girls.  So now I am down to ONE CALLING!  Whoo-hoo.