Back from hiatus…for one post

I couldn’t help but post this picture of a newborn I did today. This is one of my favorites. And if I have time…I will post more later. I love newborns–but they don’t stay that way for long unfortunately.


Busy, busy, busy

If you are looking for updates to my blog in the next month…don’t hold your breath.  I am so busy!  Girls’ camp is in a month and I’m the director…which is so much work!  Luckily I have a whole slew of really great women to work with.  So not only am I planning girls’ camp, but I am a mom to two busy little girls, planning Rachel’s family birthday party for Sunday (oh yeah, she turned two on Tuesday–still haven’t gotten her any birthday presents), trying to keep my house running and out of chaos, got a new little calling on Sunday (well not so little), and trying to keep us all SANE, and my camera broke and so why post unless their is some good pictures to go with it.   Anyways, if something really cool happens, then I’ll be back.  Otherwise see you in about a month.

What a silly head!

My Rachel is always making me laugh!  One night I turned on the bath water (actually I have been doing that most nights lately because we have been working out in our unfinished yard and my girls get so dirty!).  Anyways, I turned on the bath water and had to leave the room for just a second.  Rachel was busy throwing toys in the bathtub.  When I got back, I found this:

She had gotten in the bathtub clothes, shoes and all!  I guess she couldn’t wait for the water to fill.

Fast forward to last night.  Once again, we were out in the yard, this time planting our garden.  I came in to put the girls in the bathtub.  Once again, I had to leave for a second as the water was filling the tub.  This time, I very specifically told Rachel that she needed to wait until I got back to get in the tub.  I knew she heard me because she said, “Ok, I will!” while she was throwing more toys in the bathtub.  When I got back, sure enough, once again, she was in the tub with her clothes on.  (No shoes this time, she wasn’t wearing any at the time.)

I may be a slow learner, but I now know not to trust what she says and that either I need to be there when the tub is filling up or she can’t be in the bathroom without me!  🙂

More baby

I am learning that as I revisit pictures, some of them jump out at me differently and I like them better than when I first looked at them. Here are a few of those:

She tried to squirm her way out of this one, but no luck!

And I just love this one:


This baby had so much hair! Not many newborns can put hair clips in their hair. I always wished my babies had this much dark hair. She was so pretty and little! I forget how little newborns are…but then, my nine-pound newborns were never this small! 🙂

Family pictures!

We went to Logan this weekend to see Lori’s graduation. And while we were there, my very talented cousin-in-law, Stephanie was kind enough to take pictures of our family! Yea! They turned out so good! I am so excited about them.

This is probably my favorite that she posted:

But I also love this family picture:

And both of these:

I don’t know how I am going to choose! I will probably have to wall paper one wall in our house with all of these!