It could be a long day…

After a few grumpy episodes already this morning with Katie…I found Rachel in the fridge surrounded by this.

All twelve brand new eggs that I just bought last night.  And now Katie is coming downstairs telling me that Rachel is playing with my sewing things.  Here’s to hoping I won’t find more mess and destruction…wish me luck today!  🙂


Where did you get such pretty eyes?

I asked Katie this morning where she got such pretty eyes.  Her answer?  “I don’t know, I just growed them!”

My girls

I went over to my friends Audrey’s house and used her back drops to get these pictures. 

Here’s Rachel:

Here’s Katie:

And here’s one of the two of them trying to do a “grumpy” face:

I’m no Sister Monson

Ok, I loved President Monson’s two talks, but I especially loved the last talk.  It seemed so personal.  During it, he said that his wife never complained about President Monson going to meetings over the years.  When I brought this point up, Scott’s first comment was, “he probably forgot some of those times because President Monson is eighty.”  Then he quickly corrected himself and said, “Wait, it’s President Monson.  The guy remembers everything.”  I have heard rumors that he has a photographic memory–don’t know if it’s true or not.

I want to record to show that I am no Sister Monson.  Already, I have complained many times about the amount of time Scott goes away from our home while serving in church callings.  I really hate it when he leaves.  So while I was inspired by Sister Monson and am striving to complain less, I want it known that I did complain.  I am not perfect but I am trying.

I was also inspired by what my cousin wrote about her eulogy.  I also do not want to be remembered as some perfect person, because I wasn’t.  But I do want to be remembered as a person that was striving to be better.

Photo shoot

I took just some random shots of my friend’s children the other day when they came to our house.  Not many of them turned out, but a few did.  I am looking forward to trying again when it gets warmer and we can get some fun ones outside.


 And this is my very favorite of the day.  I just think it shows how cute her little personality is.