Seeing the Everyday

I am always looking for ways to celebrate motherhood and find joy in my children.  What a lovely idea for a magazine!  It is called Seeing the Everyday and you can find it here.

From their website:
The magazine “focuses on the daily interaction taking place at home.  Although these exchanges are often seen as mundane or inconsequential, the sum of our daily exchanges is what shapes a family, for better or for worse.  Building a strong family truly is a prosaic work.” 

Sounds good to me!  I would love to see more of this magazine.  And better yet:  it’s advertisement free.

First seen on designmom.


Good buddies

Katie came down from her nap and I asked her “Did you sleep?”  because I am not always sure if she does.  She said, “I think so.”  So I let her stay up.  She wanted to watch a movie, so I put one in and in a few minutes I found her like this:

Katie sleeping with koala

Good thing she has good buddies like koala!

Sample budget

By request from Kristi, here is our method of budgeting:  we decide what we want to spend every month and then every month Scott goes in to his boss and asks for a raise to cover our budget.  Ha ha, just kidding! 

Here is our sample budget (I’ve changed all the numbers from what we really do.  Some of the numbers are bigger than what we pay and some  are smaller):  Budget

We actually have it on an excel spreadsheet, but wordpress wouldn’t allow that to be uploaded.  So sorry for the weird formatting.

And my next question is why the one with the accounting degree is wanting me to show a sample of my budget!! 🙂

Look what we did yesterday

Rachel’s hands finger painting

We got messy!  Check out Rachel’s fingers!  They are so gooey!  I have decided that finger painting might have to wait until Rachel is a little bit older.  I get too frustrated when she is touching everything except her paper.  (As you can see from the next picture–check out her hair!)

Rachel finger painting

On the other hand, Katie did great!  She really loved finger painting. 

Katie finger painting

Check out how dainty she dips her fingers in the paint!

Katie’s fingers finger painting

Too sunny in here

Katie in sunglasses

Katie watching cartoons the other morning.  She had been begging for sunglasses for weeks.  So when I finally got them, she couldn’t take them off.


Here are the answers to which temple is which in the previous post:

Boise, Salt Lake, Boston, Provo, Nauvoo

 Obviously the picture is bad and heck, so is the artistry!  But the answers are what we set out to create.  And of course, several temples have the same design.  (Boise could be Dallas or Provo could be Ogden, etc.)