For Family Home Evening last night, Scott had a great idea to make temples out of play doh.  Here are the temples we made.  Can anyone guess which temples they are? (Sorry about the bad picture…it will make it extra challenging!)


I have a tight in my hole!

On Sunday, Katie was examining her tights and found a hole in her toe.  She looked up at Scott and I and said, “I have a tight in my hole!”


Stephanie tagged me.  Here’s my answers.  (And I really don’t care that you never did my last tag, Stephanie!:)

 Ten years ago, I was a junior in high school.  I think. 

5 things on my to do list
1.  Get curtains for my sliding glass back door already!  It still has paper up from when we moved in last April.
2.  Finish my FHE lesson for tonight. (It’s on Noah and the Ark–I think we have done that one twice already but the kids really like it because we get all their stuffed animals and put them in the laundry basket with one of the girls and pull it around like they are on the ark.)
3.  Start planning my next Enrichment evening.  It’s probably going to be on wheat and what you can do with it or on gardening.  I haven’t really decided.
4.  Work on my food storage.  This will never get off my to do list.
5.  Organize my office area.  This also will probably never get off my to do list.

5 jobs I have had
1.  Balloon girl and cashier girl for Zurcher’s Party and Wedding Store
2.  Janitor at BYU–I cleaned the Widtsoe Building
3.  Check out girl at the Law Library at BYU
4.  Temp worker at the Idaho Department of Education
5.  Babysat occasionally

If I suddenly became a billionaire I would…
pay off my house, let Scott retire, invest the rest, and then we would take some sweet trips while living on the interest income from our investments.

I enjoy…
reading a good book, photography, sewing, having a good visit with a neighbor or friend, going to church, and being with my family.

Things you might not know about me…
I hate balloons (this is a result of job #1…I guess too many blew up in my face or something.)
I really love a  clean house (you might not know this about me if you actually saw my house)
I read really really really fast.  That’s lucky for my family when I get my nose stuck in a good book.  I once took a short 1/2 hour speed reading course in college and they had us practice speed reading.  When I told them how many pages I had read in the five minute period, they said that wasn’t possible.  (I don’t remember how many pages that was.)

I’ve already tagged a lot of you…if any of you want to do this, you can!

The Cold Side

Katie found a blanket with a slick side and a side that isn’t slick.  She told me this morning that she likes the “cold side” of the blanket.  I think its a genetic trait.