Cute kids backpacks!

Hey Kristi, I found some cute kids backpacks! Too bad you already found Mady one (and probably it was a better deal) but check these out! You can find them here.

dante beatrix little kid dino backpack
dante beatrix little kid piggy backpack


Update on the half

Most of you know already, but I was training for a half marathon and exactly one week prior to the half, I injured my IT Band. Dang it all! I trained so hard and my poor body hurt bad every Saturday after a long run.  And then the Saturday before when I was tapering off my training, was when my IT Band started to hurt. Oh well. I did attempt the half and got about 3 miles into it before I had to drop out. So I am gearing up to run one next May or attempt this same one next year.

This was the half I was going to run…and it is really hilly. The one next May is a lot less hilly, so maybe I will have more success with that one.


We had a great Halloween…holidays are definitely getting more fun now that Katie understands a little bit of what is going on.

Katie and Rachel as pumpkins

Here are Katie and Rachel as pumpkins.