Update on the half

Most of you know already, but I was training for a half marathon and exactly one week prior to the half, I injured my IT Band. Dang it all! I trained so hard and my poor body hurt bad every Saturday after a long run.  And then the Saturday before when I was tapering off my training, was when my IT Band started to hurt. Oh well. I did attempt the half and got about 3 miles into it before I had to drop out. So I am gearing up to run one next May or attempt this same one next year.

This was the half I was going to run…and it is really hilly. The one next May is a lot less hilly, so maybe I will have more success with that one.


We had a great Halloween…holidays are definitely getting more fun now that Katie understands a little bit of what is going on.

Katie and Rachel as pumpkins

Here are Katie and Rachel as pumpkins.