Fall pictures!

We went to Kathryn Albertson park on Monday for FHE and took pictures of the girls. The first one was probably my favorite one…although Katie isn’t looking. I guess you can’t have everything!

Katie and Rachel fall

And here a couple of other favorites:

Katie and Rachel fall 2

Katie and Rachel bridge



I dropped to number six this week in the cougarfan.com game.  That’s okay with me.  I’m honestly surprised I have done this well at all!

11 Not so Long Miles

I ran 11 miles today and felt a lot better than the 10 last week.  Still hurts, though.

I have 12 miles to do next Saturday, then 8 the following Saturday, followed by the big 1/2!

K for Tatie

Katie has been doing really well lately recognizing the letter K.  And every time she sees one: on the cereal box, Kmart store sign, etc, she shouts out, “K for Tatie!”

I’m Number One!

Number one!

It’s taken awhile to post this, but I am number one after the Cougs won last time. I keep thinking I’ll drop off the list, but I made it to the top. I think I will drop after next week. I don’t think that anyone that has been number one has remained number one after two consecutive games.

10 Long Miles

I have decided to run a half marathon. It was kind of a goal after I had Rachel for a way to get back into shape, but I was too lazy to actually get started training. Well, in September, Lori told me she was going to run a half in November and that kicked me into gear. I decided I wanted to do it too, not with Lori…because I can’t keep up, but I want to finish it.

So on Saturday, I ran 10 miles…10 long miles. It was hard. And to think I have to do that again plus three more is kind of scary. But I still think I can do it and finish! During every long run I have done so far (6 miles, 8 miles, and now 10) I think to myself, “Whose dumb idea was this?” But then I get home and recover and think of what an accomplishment that was.

The other scary part about this half marathon (not only the 13.1 miles) but that it is not flat at all. There are a couple of hills that last two miles and one mile each during it. And then those are followed by downhills. And I have only been training in my flat neighborhood. So that is something to work on between now and November 3.

Mom song

I was going to post this several weeks ago, but didn’t get around to it. It is a very funny song about what a mom says. Go here and type in Mom Song William Tell.

I think out of my regular blog readers, only Kristi hasn’t seen it (or at least I heard that you couldn’t get it to download or something.) I think almost everyone else has sent me a link to it-thanks guys, I love it!