Project (from three weeks ago)

I am just getting around to posting about this. Katie and Rachel have a dresser that was a hand-me-down from Scott’s aunt. I have been meaning to refinish it since about the time Katie was born, but I just got around to it. When Scott went to Scout camp three weeks ago, I decided I needed something to do. So I went and bought some paint.

Here’s the middle of the project (sorry, I always forget to take a picture of the “before”)

K and R dresser middle

And here’s the after:

K and R dresser after

I thought it turned out pretty nice.


It’s hot!

We went out to dinner with Scott’s family the other night.  The waitress brought out our food, and then stepped away.  A few minutes later, she came back and asked us how our dinner was right as Katie took her first bite of french fry.  “IT’S HOT!”  she said loudly.  It was really funny because my Katie doesn’t usually respond to strangers like that.  But I think she didn’t realize what the waitress had said and was just proclaiming her usual dinner time commentary, “It’s hot!”  She usually tells us that right as we start eating and the food is still warm or when she doesn’t want to eat something.

Anyways, the waitress was really nice to her and talked to her about her food being hot, but we all got a good laugh out of it.

Birthday present idea

Since Katie’s birthday is right around the corner, I have started to think about what to get her. I found this today:

Opposites Puzzle Pairs

And I just think it would be a fun game/puzzle for her. I think learning opposites is a good idea. You can find it on this website. (I know, the website is called simply a boy, but I figured this one would be a good girl gift.)


That’s the name of Katie’s baby that she carries around.  (Jennifer asked what the name was a little while ago in the comments of one of the posts, and I had forgotten what the name was until this morning when Katie told me, “My baby’s name is Em.”)

New calling (kind of)

I received a new calling about two weeks ago.  I am the Provident Living specialist for the Relief Society.  I even have myself an assistant.  Apparently this is a bit of a pilot program and so no one really knows what I will be doing.  When I was called, it was described as, “something to do with food storage.”  And since then, we (meaning myself, the Relief Society President, and the Enrichment counselor) have been trained by the stake.  And I find myself as basically a third counselor in the Relief Society presidency.  Meaning I will attend all presidency meetings so as to find out the needs of people in the ward and then be able to address their needs through short lessons and enrichment activities.

Even though I am not exactly sure what I will be doing, I have loved it so far!  There is an abundance of resources on how to live providently (which not only entails food storage, although that is a big part of it.)  Check out the church’s website here.

I told Scott the other night that if nothing else, this calling will help our family (but that’s what callings usually end up doing, anyway, right?)  We have been working on our food storage since we moved and now that I am a Provident Living specialist, I feel a lot more responsible to making sure we are following counsel.

And I went to a meeting the bishop had about writing resumes.  And I learned a whole lot.  Most interesting to me:  The bishop updates his resume once a month!  Even though he isn’t planning to leave his current job anytime soon.

What this calling means to me is how to empower us and our families to be prepared in every aspect of our lives: food storage, budgeting, emotional and physical health, and employment.

So how is your food storage doing?