A good quote…

President Gordon B. Hinckley said, “Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” (Gordon B. Hinckley, “Words of the Prophet: You Can Be Forgiven,” New Era, Oct 2001,  4)

I have thought a lot about this lately. I think the mode I have been in is just enduring…have to get through another day, have to survive another tantrum, have to clean the house again, make dinner again, go to the grocery store again…etc. But am I really enjoying my life? Am I really noticing the blessings that I have? Two beautiful, healthy girls, a kind, loving husband; all who I love so much. And I am starting to really understand what it means to enjoy life as I consider my blessings. Are you enduring or ar you enjoying?

Think about it…

I mean, how could I not enjoy this:

Katie being silly

(right now as I write this, Katie is making faces at herself in the bathroom mirror and really giggling at herself)


Clark David Moss

That’s the new name of Baby Moss.  He doesn’t have to go by Petey anymore.  And apparently it was a good choice in Katie’s book.  Kristi mentioned that she like the name Owen before so I asked Katie yesterday if she liked the name Owen for Kristi’s new baby.

“No, I don’t like that one.”

I went through any and every boy name I could think of: Scott, Jared, Kyle, Kevin, Anthony, James, etc.  And each one was met with:

“No, I don’t like that one.”

Luckily I didn’t try Clark.

And in other related baby news; Katie and Rachel have both taken to carrying baby dolls around.  Katie told me about hers: “This is my new baby.”  Apparently we have new babies at our house, too.


Baby Moss was born today! (He doesn’t have a name yet.)

7 lbs 12 oz
21 inches
5:41 pm

As far as I know, everyone is doing well.

Birthday party

Katie and Rachel were invited over to one of our neighbors’ for their son’s 2nd birthday party.  Katie had to make sure she helped Kaleb open every one of his presents.  And then she had to make sure that she was first in line for pizza and then first in line for cupcakes.  Make her presence known.

Come on, open up!

Katie, Rachel and I were eating macaroni salad today for lunch.  Katie was sitting at the little kids table in the corner of the room.  Pretty soon, I heard her saying, “Come on, open up!” And I turned around and saw that she had a spoonful of macaroni noodles and was holding it across the table to “someone” and trying to feed it to that “someone.”  I asked her who was eating with her and she said it was Mady.  Apparently she was trying to get Mady to eat her lunch.  Kristi, you’re not the only one that has a hard time feeding Mady!