Will write again when I feel better.


“My Rachel RIGHT NOW!”

Last Christmas, we were at my parents house.  My little sister was teasing Katie while Rachel was right there by saying, “My Rachel.”  And Katie would defiantly respond, “No, MY Rachel.”  This went on for a little while when finally Katie looked at Lori and said, “My Rachel RIGHT NOW!”

From then on, everything is “RIGHT NOW!”

Scott wonders if we are supposedly from the “now” generation, what generation are our kids from.

Maybe the “I wanted it yesterday” generation.


My resolution this year was to run a 5K without stopping. Since I am still working on getting back into shape after having Rachel, I thought this was manageable. And I also hoped (but didn’t make it a goal) to run it under 30 minutes. (I’m pretty slow.) Well, today I did accomplish my goal of running the 5K without stopping. And I was really close to making it under 30 minutes. I ran it in 30:40.

Scott, Katie, and Rachel came and cheered me on. I think Katie and Rachel like the orange slices, bananas, and granola bars at the end of the race more than the race itself.

Now that I accomplished my resolution, I need to think of something else…to be continued.


Katie, Molly, Rachel and I went to the park to visit with a couple of my old roommates. We get together every once in a while to take pictures of kiddos. One of them majored in photography and so I use her to get some more info so that hopefully my pics turn out really good one day. Still working on that turning out really good. But she posted one of Katie she took on her website. Check it out here! It is really good.

Although I did get a cute one of Molly. She is so cute!

Molly at the park

Weekend plans

Whoops didn’t write yesterday!   I was pretty busy going to visit my Grandma near Park City and then picking up Katie’s cousin and watching her for the afternoon followed by an energy filled hour and a half flying kites and delivering Scouting for Food bags with the Cub Scouts.

Today I am babysitting Katie’s cousin again…it’s a little hard balancing three girls under 2 1/2.  We are headed up to the park this afternoon to take some pictures.


1. Pick up my race stuff from Hogi Yogi tonight

2. Run race tomorrow (5K)

3.  VTers coming at 2:30 tomorrow

4. Church on Sunday followed by a potluck

5.  Maybe sew Katie’s capris that I have only cut out.

I heart “Albies”

“Albies” is the term of endearment that people on this website use for Albertsons. And I have to agree that they are starting to be a bit “dearer” to me, too. They have great sales and combined with some coupons, it makes their sales even better. For example, I went tonight to buy some Wheaties (my husband’s favorite choice of cereal.) For an 18 oz box, the regular price was $5.45. Kind of a lot for a cereal. However, Albies had a 10 for $12 deal going on, so that made the box $1.20. Great price! And then I found some coupons–$1 off one box of Wheaties. So that made the box $0.20. AWESOME, CAN’T BEAT PRICE!

Anyways, I should have spent about $110 on the 20 boxes of Wheaties that I bought, but instead I spent $20.02 including tax. That means a savings of approximately $90. And that’s why I heart Albies.