Someone’s excited for their birthday…

On day two of wearing the special Primary sticker…anyone want to put in a guess as to how long the sticker will stay sticky? We’ve already transferred it from Sunday clothes to pajamas to our outfit today.



Well, since I almost kind of updated last month (aka wrote something) on this space, maybe you dedicated readers deserve something more this month. ¬†ūüôā

Halle turned one year old–in fact she is almost 15 months old. ¬†Time flies.

Rachel is in preschool and is once again counting down the days until her birthday–about 45 if you want to know. ¬†(That would be give or take a few because I’m not sure how accurate that is.)

Katie is in first grade and just finished up spring break…and I already miss her happy face and tender heart around here all day. ¬†She told me that she was sad before recess today because she missed me. ¬†(Ahhh…I love that kid.)

I got a new calling ¬†in December. ¬† I am the Primary Music Leader–which if you must know I really LOVE. ¬†It helps if you don’t mind being a dork (a musical dork at that) in front of all those kids. ¬†Although I do miss my RS peeps. ¬†It’s a little more lonely without 3 hour meetings.

Scott has pretty much recovered fully from his accident nearly a year ago. ¬†He will always have a few scars and now sports new fake teeth, but I’ll take it! ¬†I’m so grateful it wasn’t worse.

And here’s a pic of the three kids (what! ¬†They are all in a picture together!?!?! That never happens. ¬†Ignore Halle’s crazy hair.)


Just maybe…maybe….I might be thinking of updating this blog. (Chorus in the background: hallelujah or a funeral march–your choice)

Things I never knew

1.  How many people have had their jaws wired shut or knew someone who did have their jaw wired shut.

2.  How much I take for granted yawning, sneezing, smiling, talking, eating, sleeping.

3.  How much it hurts to watch someone I love go through so much pain.

4.  How much I LOVE serving my family and especially Scott.

5.  How hard it is to hear of  stories in similar accidents as Scott with miracle outcomes.

6.¬† How even though the accident wasn’t injury-free, there are little blessings in everything.

7.¬† How hard it is to tell your kids when they wake up on Rachel’s fourth birthday that their Daddy had been in an cycling accident and has a bunch of owies on his face.

8.  How much strength can be given through a single prayer.

9.  How many people care about us.

10.¬† How so very very very grateful I am that Scott’s injuries were not worse–that everything is able to heal albeit painfully–that he is not paralyzed or worse.

Guest post: Katie

Katie wanted to write a post on my blog.  She also was the photographer of this picture.  I love it when she writes anything.  I can just see so much growth in her learning this past year in kindergarten.

My  perits  are  the  best  perinst  in the  wrald

i  love  my  baby.  rachel too

i  love  school.

Halle’s blessing

We had such a good day at Halle’s blessing last Sunday.¬† It was so fun to see all the family that came!

Here she is in her dress Mom helped me make.


I went to my friend Audrey’s when Halle was first born because I wanted to get some cute pictures of her before she was two weeks old.¬† I have new respect for all of you that take pictures of newborns!¬† We did get some cute ones, but it was hard to get her to fall asleep!¬† And I was working within some time constraints because I had to get Katie to school right after lunch.

Here’s some of my favorites.¬† Thanks so much, Audrey for helping me and for feeding my girls lunch!¬† I’ll see if I can get some more pictures up later.

She’s here!

I’m sure that’s why some of you are still checking this blog!¬† We welcomed our new daughter Halle!

She has tons of dark hair and was a chub at 9 lbs 9 oz and 22 1/2 inches long.¬† We are doing great and Katie and Rachel love to hold her.¬†¬† When Rachel got her first chance to hold her at the hospital, she sat down and said, “I’ve got my baby hands ready!”